WordPress: Web design and development

WordPress: Web design and development

What is the importance of a website for a company

Every company, whether large, medium, or small, needs and must have a website as it provides a professional image of the company, competitive advantages, and added values ​​for the client.

An optimized, highly effective, and visually attractive website allows your company to publicize the products and services it offers, the jobs and projects, how to locate and contact you in the easiest and fastest way.

A professional website is a basis for having an internet presence, which allows you to have your business open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means an increase in sales and more productivity for your company.

It is true that web development is always in constant evolution, it is understandable since it belongs to the field of technology that does not stop growing and will continue to do so, also if we focus on the field of communication, to which it also belongs.

In recent years especially, it has undergone many significant changes, always improving changes in our understanding, becoming sophisticated tools that are not only limited to displaying information but also acquire previously unusual functions, such as communication and interaction with users . in addition to being able to make a multimedia presentation of a higher level. It can even become a powerful management tool with the same features as software, with the added advantage of being online, accessing from anywhere and only having to assume a license.

This is great news, there is no doubt, although not everything in it is to the satisfaction of the majority. Currently, to position yourself in the market through a website, it is no longer a merely face-to-face question, it is not that it was before, although its main function. Now in order to have a website according to trends, as well as to meet the needs of customers, its sophistication sometimes exceeds the possibilities, both of control and management and economic.

Definitely, the possibilities offered by web development is so variable that it is difficult for them to be priced at a fixed price, even putting a price on its parts and accessories. We consider ourselves custom web developers , because we understand them as those that absolutely adhere to desire. However, we have to force ourselves, since the competition forces us, to establish several packages or web development plans with fixed prices based on characteristics and add all those accessories and tools that are required.

There are so many parameters to take into account , technical, aesthetic and content that we are reluctant to establish a price for each thing, its sum would cease to be affordable for the client, not doing so may be unprofitable for us, precisely because of the possible lack satisfaction on the part of the client.

WordPress: Web design and development


We are  experts in WordPress web design . We like to  program, develop and design web projects  based on this famous and versatile content manager. We define ourselves as an expert web agency in WordPress .

wordpress web development

Why web design in WordPress?

WordPress is today the most famous and widespread CMS on the market. It is used by millions of websites around the world and has a large community of developers who update and monitor the content manager optimizing its performance . If you decide that your corporate website or project is based on WordPress, you will have an upgradeable ,  versatile and secure CMS .

We want to help you get results.

Its simple yet powerful backend makes WordPress a universal platform that can be easily managed without technical knowledge and includes a large number of resources and tools that can be effectively integrated into your website. Its ease of use is the main reason why millions of companies choose WordPress, an easy-to-use platform that requires zero programming skills and will allow anyone within the company to easily and effectively update the website after having been designed .

WordPress is developed with PHP, MySQL and JavaScript technologies that comply with the international coding standards established by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

We recommend the development of web projects in WordPress in many cases , since it reduces the costs when creating a  professional website  and allows you to have a  self-managed and 100% secure website . In cases where WordPress does not fit with your web project, we also offer custom programming and developments .

WPO or page loading speed on websites developed in WordPress

The speed of the web page  affects all the important metrics : the percentage of abandonment, the search ranking, the conversion, the page views… Also the speed of a page affects the web positioning. The higher the speed of a page, the better positioned it will be in search engines, in addition to giving a better user experience to your visitors.

WordPress experts: WordPress design and development services at Kiwop

Frontend and backend design and development in WordPress

We offer excellent web development, our expert WordPress programmers have developed large platforms and websites, custom plugins, multisite networks, designed logos, banners, landing pages, and all kinds of resources for large international companies, developing extensive experience in design and WordPress web development.

Consulting and market research

Our team of business consultants and professional market analysts will advise your company to make results-oriented strategic decisions . Through an immediate understanding of the global market, our team will analyze your business, your competitors and your target audience and provide you with information aimed at increasing your sales and income.

Online marketing assistance

Our expert marketing consultants will work with you to achieve the objectives of your company, formulating effective marketing strategies and optimizing your digital activity, from your website to SEO , SEM and conversion rate.

WordPress website and server maintenance

To avoid performance problems or data loss, your website needs web server maintenance. Our servers are designed to keep WordPress up to date, secure, and running at optimal levels. We apply the WPO.

WordPress: The Most Versatile CMS

WordPress is the most versatile content manager that exists today. With WordPress, we can create corporate websites, online stores, digital newspapers, reservation centers, corporate blogs and much more . It is important not to associate WordPress with a tool that is only useful for blogging.

WordPress Websites for Corporate Blogs

By default, WordPress incorporates all the functionalities of a blog : displaying articles in blog format, organizing articles by tags and categories, the possibility of adding comments to posts, etc.

Additionally, WordPress allows you to add widgets on the web: list of blog tags, categories, search engine, most read articles, latest comments, and many more.

For these reasons, WordPress is the best tool for creating a corporate blog . The ease of use of WordPress allows anyone to manage and update the blog, with zero complications.

WordPress Design for Corporate Websites

If you need to create a website to report on all business aspects that concern your business, WordPress is the easiest content manager to manage, the most versatile, and the one that offers the greatest number of functionalities.

WordPress offers a large number of templates (free and also paid) of very varied designs and of different styles that can be adapted to each website, whether your preferences point to a minimalist design, or if you prefer to create a website with a lot of information. If what you want is to create a highly personalized website, in WordPress we can develop and design your website to measure, depending on your preferences and needs.

WordPress allows you to create the number of sections you need on your website in order to organize web content and facilitate the usability and UX user experience as much as possible.

In addition to the static pages within your website or corporate blog, WordPress allows you to add functionalities such as contact forms, directories and forums, etc.

WordPress programming for your eCommerce

There are specific content managers to create an eCommerce (electronic commerce). But if you don’t have a large number of products and your budget is tighter, WordPress is also a viable option. WordPress has several plugins that allow you to incorporate an online store into any WordPress website. Among others, WooCommerce is the option most used by many businesses and the most recommended.

The WooCommerce plugin allows you to add an eCommerce with all the minimum required functionalities:

  • Product creation
  • Organization of products by category
  • Ability to add attributes to products
  • Payment and shipping systems
  • Order and stock management
  • etc.

If you need additional functionalities to what WooCommerce offers, we can add new options through specific plugins.

Apart from online stores, corporate blogs and corporate websites, WordPress is a platform that allows you to extend the possibilities of any website.

If you need additional information about our WordPress development services, do not hesitate to contact us.


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