How to use guest posts to improve your link building and get more results

How to use guest posts to improve your link building and get more results


What is guest posting?

Guest possting or guest blogging is the publication of your content on the websites of other companies, preferably related to your market niche or with an aspect related to your tutorial project.

As a general rule, “guest bloggers” embed links to their own sites in their guest posts, driving traffic to their own platforms. However, this is getting more and more difficult because many websites add no-follow  or even remove the links entirely.

Guest blogging has been actively used in the SEO world for many years and it doesn’t seem like it will disappear anytime soon, so it is interesting to master this technique to boost our SEO strategy . Collaboration within the niche is useful for both the host site and the guest writer. (It is a WIN-WIN that is not always used)

Large companies often invite associate authors to post on their blogs and, in turn, post articles on other relevant websites.

Benefits of guest blogging

There are several key benefits to contributing as a guest blogger to a blog in your niche market:

  • Greater brand awareness. To increase your exposure to the world, many companies participate in conferences and other important professional events, organize meetings with partners or tourist destinations, interact with customers and do everything possible to remain visible. The same principles apply in the digital space. The more sites you visit and leave your mark, the more web users will know about your business and the stronger their authority over the market.
  • More transitions to your site. Placing a link to your landing page in your bio, or inviting readers to subscribe to your newsletter, are a couple of good ways to increase the number of potential customers of traffic on your business website.
  • Helpful contacts. You can create partnerships with influential companies, enter a privileged community of contributors within your niche, learn from the experiences of others, and exchange knowledge and resources.
  • Shorter sales cycle. Don’t wait for potential customers to find and visit your website and read about your products and services. Your guest posts published on popular and appropriate platforms are the perfect forum to promote your brand. Interested readers will follow your links for more information.

    Benefits of guest posting on a blog

    • Build natural links to your online properties: Google continues to consider inbound links (backlinks) as a measure of quality. In short, you make more websites link to your products and talk about your value or that of your products or services.
    • Increase traffic to your website: This manifests itself as your ranking increases on Google’s results pages (SERPs). The increase in traffic is also due to readers clicking on the links of the blogs you write as a guest on the recommendation of their owner.
    • Increase your brand awareness: and your reputation as a specialist in certain products or services, as experts publish references and testimonials for the benefit of your brand.
    • Create collaborative networks in your sector: The process creates associations and allies in your industry. It is an opportunity to learn from new ideas, exchange knowledge and grow as a business.
    • Capture potential customers: 90% of consumers say that online reviews influence their purchasing decisions. Guest blogger testimonials and recommendations lead to conversions.

More details

Posting as a guest on a blog is a great SEO strategy that works very well and allows you to create natural links to your website. If implemented correctly, they can improve the ranking of your website in search engines, increase your online visibility, your brand recognition and the authority of your domain. This way you will get a higher volume of traffic and conversions on your website. Building natural links, through guest blog posts by other professionals in your industry, takes a long time, but the effort is worth it.

Being invited on a blog consists of publishing content on websites that belong to other members of your sector. It is an act of collaboration between professionals or the media focused on the same activity sector. Companies invite authors to post on their blogs, both for the benefit of the guest blogger and their web pages. Guest bloggers create backlinks to their own products, as well as useful and relevant links on the topic their posts are about. The blog owner benefits from quality content “free” that adds new keywords to its index and improves its ranking in Google.

Guest blogging has long been used by SEO professionals. Although Google is always changing its algorithm to avoid blackhat SEO strategies, guest posts remain an immune tactic to changes in the SEO landscape. This is because, when done right, they drive collaboration and quality content.

How much does a guest post cost?

Pricing can vary from site to site and is related to certain factors including ranking, traffic, domain authority (DA), and backlink profile.

Take away

One last tip: Be aware of the implications of “no-follow” links. Make sure your partners in these collaborations are aware of your long-term goals. Guest blogging reaches its greatest potential in natural link building if those links can be followed by Google bots.

There has been a lot of speculation about the decline of guest blogging as a strategy. However, it continues to flourish and survive the changes in SEO. The reason for this is simple: Guest blogging, when done right, benefits search engines, consumers, and businesses.

To use this tactic successfully, you have to start with a content strategy. The best guests to post on your blog are the ones who care about your reputation. They will also be eager to learn and build meaningful and long-term collaborations. Consider your network of contacts with guest authors as an opportunity to validate your services and offers.

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